Secure structural footings faster and easier even in difficult terrains

Our unique, patent pending methods simplify the installation of structural footings for a variety of applications.

No matter the environment or conditions, our products give the installer easier,

quicker and cleaner methods to secure their structural beams.

Refusal Repair Kits

Rapid Footings Group (RFG), founded in 2017, has unique, patented methods to simplify the installation of footings in a variety of applications. RFG products do not eliminate the need for structural piles but give the installer easier, faster, cleaner methods to secure their structural piles (footings) in a variety of terrains and conditions.

RFG has designed a specific line of products to address issues associated with solar panel array installation and maintenance. Our patented Refusal Repair Kits address underground impediments encountered during the installation of solar panels. Allowing contractors to quickly address refusals without concrete or project interruptions. Our unique, patented Structural Reinforcement Kits, are the fastest, most economical method to address solar sites compromised by erosion or experiencing reduced efficiency due to changes in angle and tilt of the piles over time.


Ease of Installation

Use in Difficult Terrain

Installation regardless of weather conditions

Immediate Load Bearing

No Concrete

Use in situations with significant underground impediments

Environmentally Friendly

Ideal for Remote Locations

Can be installed with existing equipment

RFG Rapid Refusal Repair Kit Test Results | Field Performance

Soil Type Beam Type Driven Pile Depth Tension w/o RFG Kit Tension with w/ RFG Kit Lateral Pull w/o RFG Kit Lateral Pull w/ RFG Kit
Predominately Clay and backfill 8.5’

W 5x7

4 feet X̄ 4,500 ft lbs. >8,500 ft lbs. 2,200 ft lbs. > 4,000 ft lbs.
Predominately Sand 10’

W 5x7

4 feet 1,400 ft lbs. X̄ = 4,250

Rapid Footings Group

RFG Inc. was founded in 2017 as a collaboration between Dale Miller and Julian Young.

Dale is a serial entrepreneur/product development expert with experience in retail and commercial product development. He has launched two companies with retail and commercial products and has an extensive patent portfolio. He has a BS and MS from North Carolina State University and is the President / CEO of RFG. Dale has over thirty years teaching marketing and business management at NCSU.

Julian is a business consultant and the president of his consulting company, Young Ventures, Inc. He graduated with an engineering degree from North Carolina State University and holds a MA from Duke University. He also has an extensive patent portfolio covering several industries and worked in manufacturing for over thirty five years as President and COO of U.S. and international companies. Julian is COO for RFG Inc.

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